Dec 6, 2012

師走の東京駅 Illuminated Tokyo Station


The other day, I was at the Tokyo Station in the evening.


It was lit beautifully; not so bright, but with grace.


When you turn, you will see this.

I like this wide avenue straight toward the Imperial Palace.
It looks elegant, so peaceful.


This is Nakadori-street.


They are illuminating the 230 trees along the street with over one million eco-lights.  Those Champagne Gold color lights stretch from Yuraku-cho to Otemachi, for 1.2 kilo-meters.


I saw beautiful Christmas trees.
This one is in Marunouchi Building.

Outside, they had this cute tree.
It wasn't that cold, so people were sitting on a bench around it. 


An illumination event titled "Tokyo Michiterasu 2012" is going to be held from 21 to 28 this month at this area.
Just like they did in October to celebrate the opening of the renovated Tokyo Station building, they are going to have a project  mapping display on the building again.
I couldn't go last time, so this time, I'm hoping I could go and see it.
The schedule will be on their website soon.
So, if you are interested, please check it out. 

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Dru said...

I did that same walk recently. Walked from Yurakucho to Tokyo Station. I was hoping to see the lights of Tokyo Michiterasu but didn't know it would be for 1 week only till I got home. I'll be going again probably on the 26th. Need to take video as well as lots of photos. Can't wait to see yours too. ^^

Merry Witch said...

Did you walk the Nakadori from Yurakucho to Tokyo Station? It must have been a dreamy walk.
I was there at a few minutes before five. We eagerly waited, and at the stroke of five, every tree was lit! Everyone around us went "wow!"

You will take Michiterasu video?
I hope I can take good photos, but as I'm not that tall, I might be taking just people's heads.

Minoru Saito said...


Merry Witch said...


Dru said...

Yup. I walked the whole stretch. It is nice, but there isn't much for me. I like to see more dynamic displays such as the one in Roppongi or seeing more variety. I think it is beautiful though. Can't wait for the Tokyo Michiterasu. I'll try to take a video, but photos trump videos. There will be lots of videos on YouTube though. I saw a good one soon after the last big show.

Merry Witch said...

It seems there will be A LOT OF, A LOT OF people for the Michiterasu show. (+o+)

I really do hope I can see the show.
Good luck to you!!

Rurousha said...

When I worked in Yurakucho and lived in Kanda, I walked along Nakadori almost every day/night! Lucky woman.

I would dearly love to see the Michiterasu show, but if I think of the cold and the crowds combined ... oh dear ... oh help!

Merry With and Dru, you go, take photos and show me! :D

Magia da Inês said...

Passei para uma visitinha.
Lindas fotografias.
Gostei muito do seu blog.
Bom domingo!
Boa semana!

Merry Witch said...

Indeed you were a lucky woman, to walk that Nakadori every day/night.

OK. You do Hagoita-ichi, and I'll do the Michiterasu. (^^)

Merry Witch said...

Magia da Ines,
Sorry, I don't understand Portuguese, but thank you for visiting my blog. (^_-)-☆