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Jan 14, 2013

雪が積もりました  Heavy Snow


It is snowing heavily in Tokyo area today.
We usually don't have snow in Tokyo, maybe just once or twice a year.  So, it is such a rare occasion we have this much snow. 

This is my garden covered with snow.

めだかを飼っています。大丈夫かな? I have medaka fish in here.  I hope they are OK.


Unlike the northern part of Japan, this area is not ready for heavy snow.  So, trains have stopped, and cars are driving slowly. I saw an ambulance, a police car, and an NTT (telephone company) maintenance car. I'm grateful for all those people. 
And I feel sorry for the people who attended their Coming-Of-Age Day Ceremony today.  It's our national holiday, and those young girls wear their beautiful long-sleeved kimono (furisode) for the ceremony.
I hope they were OK.


As for me, I enjoyed the snow.
I walked to a nearby swimming pool and enjoyed watching snow fall soaking in a nice, warm jacuzzi. (^_^)v

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Minoru Saito said...


Merry Witch said...

猫年ですか? (^_-)

寒いのは嫌いですが、雪の上を歩くのは好きです。まだまだ若いんでしょうか?? (^_^)v

Dru said...

A warm jacuzzi sounds nice. The snow was a lot of fun and I felt sorry for a few people during the Seijin-no-hi festivities. Mainly for the girls in kimono who were wearing the traditional footwear. It looked very cold. I think the falling snow would have been very nice for them as they could get a unique photo. I'm sure not all thought that way, but they should always make the best of what they have. ^^

Be safe with all the ice on the ground today.

Merry Witch said...

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the snow.(^^)
And I like your "make the best of what you have" attitude. That's what I always feel when I hear people complain about things.
(But I have to be fair, I do complain... ^_^;)

I love onsen and snow combination. Oh, and sake, too. (^_^)v

Tall Gary said...

Yes, I can’t think of anything much nicer than snow and soaking in a jacuzzi/ hot spring/ hot tub. Way to go!

A student of mine in Tokyo umpteen years ago had her Adult Day on such a day. Her father drove her to places she wanted to go and she and her fellow students celebrated at the local city hall. I think she had a good time in spite of all. But maybe not so good for us who enjoy seeing those charming lasses walking about with their white-fur collars, impressive hairdos, and colorful hakama/kimono: all briefer, rarer, and far more beautiful than hanami.

Merry Witch said...

Tall Gary,
Your compliment would make those girls and their mothers very happy. It requires a lot of effort. They prepare furisode (either buy it or rent it) and make a reservation at a hair dresser a year in advance. Otherwise, they might have to be at the hair dresser at 4 o'clock in the morning. That's what I heard from my friends who have girls.

So, if I tell my friends your nice words, they would weep with joy!

Tall Gary said...

I came close to weeping tears of joy every year on January 15th. (Oh, that’s right, I thought it had changed; now it is the second Monday of January.) And I came close to crying tears of disappointed sadness whenever those stupendous, once-in-a-lifetime, phenomena of nature would have to hide themselves away due to inclement weather.

I can honestly say, that I never saw more beautiful women in Japan than the 20-year-olds on Adult Day. Although, this might be a close second.

Merry Witch said...

Tall Gary,
You are so funny! (^o^)

In fact, one of them in the picture is a professional kimono dresser. She says the Adult Day is, of course, the busiest day of the year. She woke up at 4 and started dressing girls. It is such an energy consuming job, as she knows how important it is for each girl to look perfect, and also every one is different; girl's shape, kimono size, Obi stiffness and so on.

Rurousha said...

Never mind the girls! What about the fish?! Did your fish survive?

(I'm such an African. Always thinking about the animals first.)

PS: Sorry for my late visit. I'm always very busy mid-week. (>_<)

Merry Witch said...

Tall Gary would cry at your comment about the girls. (^^)

My fish? They should be OK. I've had them for almost five years now. They seem to survive under thick ice, well, at least some of them. And when spring comes, they start laying eggs. I'm a medaka breeder. It's fun to watch the babies!

キャラメル said...


Merry Witch said...