Oct 26, 2013

KITTE(キッテ) 丸の内 KITTE Marunouchi 


Located right near the Tokyo Station, KITTE Marunochi is the first mall run by Japan Post Co, Ltd.
That's why it's named KITTE, which means postage stamp in Japanese.  Also, "Ki-te" means "please come."
They want a lot of people to visit this place.  

KITTE (キッテ)


KITTE opened this March.  
It was a part of redevelopment of the old Tokyo Central Post Office.
It maintains the look of the former building, which was built in 1931 as one of the largest post offices at that time.
2008年まで使用された旧局舎  Former Tokyo Central Post Office  was used until 2008.
 (Photo from Wikipedia )


But I'm sure they changed the inside completely,


Except this postmaster's room. 


It has many shops and restaurants.

ちなみに私の故郷松山からもおいしいピザの「ダ・ボッチャーノ」が出店していますよ。(「坊っちゃん」だからボッチャーノ。 (^_-) )

Restaurants are selected from all over Japan.  You can have motsu-nabe from Fukuoka, Kushikatsu from Osaka, Sukiyaki from Ise, etc, etc.  They have Italian restaurant Da Bocciano from my hometown Matsuyama, too! (I told you, we love Bocchan. (^_-) ) 


Their shops are fun to look around.
They have unique, high-quality staff.
I like these colorful Tenugui (thin cotton towel) . 

東京駅舎柄や、昔の郵便ポスト柄も。Tokyo Station Tenugui and Mail Box Tenugui


Also, they have a very unique museum INTERMEDIATHEQUE.
It exhibits the scientific and cultural heritage accumulated by the University of Tokyo, such as skeletons of all kinds, big and small, mounted birds, insects, rocks, machines, etc. etc.
I like its atmosphere.  It's like Hogwarts School! (And it's free.)
It wasn't allowed to take photos inside, but if you are interested, you can see it on youtube here .


Their roof garden enjoys privileged view.

東京ステーション駅舎がよく見えます。 Tokyo Station Building 


You can also enjoy watching trains.  A lot of them.
It's amazing to see so many trains coming and going every minute. 


I hope you can come and see KITTE someday. 
Please "Ki-te". (^_^;)

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 国際交流へ


Minoru Saito said...

 Kitte を楽しめました。

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Dru said...

I went to Kitte about a week or so ago because of something you said before this post. I can't remember where, but I remember talking about the GranRoof and Kitte. I have my own post coming up, but it isn't as detailed as yours. Just a quick overview and a few things that will need to be updated with your information. ;)

I didn't know the museum was free or else I would have visited the museum. I thought the shops were nice but didn't clue in that the restaurants were from all over.

I am pretty sure the original building, aside from the front face, was completely demolished. I remember seeing them do that over the years as I passed by many times and saw the supports. They must have really cleaned up the front too. I'll keep other things for later when my post comes out. ;)

Merry Witch said...

I tried to understand how and how much they kept the former building, but couldn't understand it well. Even the front side looks very new. I remember there was a big dispute over the redevelopment of this historical building a few years ago.

I'm looking forward to your post on KITTE. I'm very curious what you thought about it.(^^)

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キャラメル said...


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Rurousha said...

I'll repeat what I said to Dru: I want to play golf on that lawn on the roof! Imagine how many windows we'll be able to break!

Yet another Tokyo place I haven't been to yet. One day ... one day ...

Merry Witch said...


Ah, naughty Rurousha! Playing golf and breaking windows, and becoming famous! (^_-)

You have to be there. It's such a nice place. I'm sure you like that museum, too.