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Oct 1, 2013

75景 大伝馬町こふく店(だな) View 75 Kimono Shop, Otenma-cho


A group of men carrying big, funny-looking things are walking down the Otenma-cho shopping street, the same street as the previous  View 7, only just a few blocks east of it.


They are now returning from a topping-out ceremony of a house.
Leading the procession is the chief carpenter.  Those behind him are other carpenters, scaffolders, roofers, and plasterers.


Even today, we often hold the topping-out ceremony when we build a house, but it's not like this.  I have never seen this kind of  procession.

When I grew up in Matsuyama, they used to throw mochi and snacks from the top of the roof at the ceremony.  
It was called Mochi-maki.  It was fun.  (^^)


The store we see in this print is Daimaru-ya, a prosperous kimono shop.
Dai (which means big) is 大 in Chinese character, and maru means a circle.  So, the crest of the shop is 大 in a circle.


For some of you, Daimaru-ya might sound familiar.  
Daimaru Department stores are still around.


But it is not in Otenma-cho. 


It's history began when Shimomura Hikoemon (1688~1748) opened a kimono shop "Daimonji-ya" in Fushimi, Kyoto, in 1717.
They expanded their business to Osaka in 1726, and Nagoya in 1728.
Finally, in 1743, they opened their Edo branch in Otenma-cho, which we see in this print.

画面左上の看板には「下むら大丸屋 呉服太物類 げんきんかけ値なし」と書かれています。

The shop sign to the upper left says "Shimomura Daimaru-ya, silk, cotton, linen kimonos" and their slogan, "cash payment, prices as marked." 
This innovative sales method was first established in 1683 by Mitsui Takatoshi of Echigoya; today's Mitsukoshi Department store.  (It is in View 8.)


Daimaru-ya was a big success!
But when the Edo period ended in 1868, flow of traffic gradually changed.  Otenma-cho street was forgotten. 
Finally in 1910, Daimaru withdrew from Tokyo.
But they were determined to come back.  
And they were determined to come back to the very center of Tokyo.  
In 1954, when they returned to Tokyo, they opened their new store right by the Tokyo Station.
Very center indeed! \(^o^)/

グラントウキョウノースタワー 13階までが大丸です 
Gran Tokyo North Tower (Daimaru occupies from B1 to the 13th floor.)

駅に直結しています It's directly connected to Tokyo Station.

This is Gran Roof, the new landmark of the Tokyo Station, Yaesu entrance 


Now let's go and see the site of the old Daimaru-ya. 
It was on the south-west corner of Otenma-cho Street and Omon Street.

Otenma-cho Street
Omon Street


So, this must be it.
an office building, Takitomi Building


I tried to take a photo as close to the print as possible.


It was around noon.  
No carpenters around, but many office workers were going for their happy lunch. (^^)

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 国際交流へ


Minoru Saito said...

こんばんは。今回も楽しく見させていただきました。 大丸は昔は田舎のデパート見たいと思われていましたが、今では、全国に大型店を沢山作り、知らない間に、立派なデパートに変身していました。

Merry Witch said...



Rurousha said...

This post made me smile. When I arrived in Tokyo - on the very first night - at Tokyo Station - I got so lost that I ended up in the former Daimaru Store. (This was in 2005, before the current set-up.)

I still remember the chocolate I saw in the food hall ...


Merry Witch said...

Thank you for your comment.(^^)

Oh, aren't those chocolates amazing? Unbelievably beautiful, and unbelievably priced.

So, Daimaru was the first place you wandered about in Tokyo.(^^) I know you have been walking and walking since then.

Dru said...

If Daimaru wanted to be in the centre of Tokyo, wouldn't Nihonbashi be more appropriate? Or perhaps demolish the Emperor's house and build one there? ;) Just joking.

I think the new Tokyo branch is nice. I like that shop a lot but I don't visit it too often. I don't remember the old one as I never really visited Tokyo Station until I moved to Kinshicho. Even the first time I visited Japan/Tokyo, I stopped at Tokyo Station and thought, "I should get out here" but my Saviour told me, "no". She lived near Shinjuku Station at the time. I kind of regret not visiting Daimaru but there really wasn't any point when you are on the west side.

Thanks for the fun posts as always. I need to see the new Grand Roof when it opens too. ^^

Merry Witch said...

I also didn't know the area so well a few years ago. It was where I took Shinkansen, but that was about it.

The area wasn't just very attractive. But with Maru-biru and Shin-maru-biru and the renovated Tokyo Station Building and Kitte and Gran Roof (It opened, I think, about two weeks ago), it turned into a charming place to visit. Either Daimaru had a sharp eye or they were just lucky. Anyway, they must be very happy now.(^^)

Dru said...

Soon after I wrote that comment, I saw an advertisement talking about the new Grand Roof opening on September 20th. I guess I missed the opening. I need to visit it soon. I also want to visit Kitte, but I have been outside the building a few times.

I think Daimaru just held on long enough to survive. The old department store, from my memory, was not very good. Very old. The new one is great. When you are next to Tokyo Station, there really is no such thing as a bad location.

Merry Witch said...

Kitte is nice. I like its building, and their interesting shops. Also, they have a very nice roof garden. You can enjoy the great view of Station Building and trains and Shinkansen coming and going. I was going to write a post, but I forgot. Maybe I will, or maybe you will? (^^)