Sep 28, 2014

裏磐梯 ホテル グランデコ Hotel GRANDECO in Urabandai


Hotel GRANDECO is in Urabandai, Fukushima.
We stayed there for one night, for the first time.
I found it was a nice getaway place, not far from Tokyo area.

 hotel entrance
hotel room


Their onsen (hot springs baths), both indoor and outdoor, was very relaxing. (^^)


And it's a wonderful ski resort in winter.  
Ski lifts are conveniently located right behind the hotel.
リフト乗り場 lift station


Their gondola lifts operates even at this time of the year. 
Of course, we took the ride.

紅葉したら見事でしょうね! It must be gorgeous when these trees change colors.

 上からの眺め a view from the upper station


We enjoyed pizza and nice view at the cafe by the station, then started on the trail.

It was a little too early for the autumn season, so there weren't many people up there.
I was afraid we might encounter a bear.
熊の爪あと bear claw mark on a tree


Good thing I borrowed this bear bell from the hotel.

ブナの木 There are many beech trees in the area.
湿原  marsh


After a two-hour walk, we took the gondola back to the hotel.
There were many flowers in the area.


Nice walk, nice onsen, and nice food.


I want to visit there again.  \(^o^)/

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Dru said...

What a lovely looking place. Maybe I'll make a visit in the distant future. Too many other places I want to visit first. :(

I usually feel bear bells don't work. I never carried one when I was hiking (day hikes) around Vancouver. I would go with friends and just talk and have fun. That is usually the best method. They are scared of us so they usually run away when they hear people speaking. Maybe a stereo with some good Rakugo could do the trick too. ;)

Merry Witch said...


You don't think bear bells work? I was really afraid of bears, I was ringing the bell so hard.
Oh, I also kept singing, "Aruhi, morinonaka, kumasan-ni
deatta♪" (If you don't know the song, it's a song of meeting a bear in the woods.) Maybe the singing helped. (^_-)

There are many lakes in Urabandai. Goshiki-numa, which would be my next post, was very interesting. Also, Aizu Castle is not so far if you are driving. And going to Kitakata for Ramen would be fun, too.

I think the area would be a nice 2-3 day trip destination from Tokyo.

Minoru Saito said...

こんばんは。グランデコですか、私は裏磐梯高原ホテルに泊まりました。 楽しそうな旅でしたね。

Merry Witch said...



Dru said...

I think the singing helped more than the bear bell. ;)

Thanks for the info about the area. I'll keep it in mind. Not sure if I'll be able to make it there anytime soon though. :(

Merry Witch said...


No hurry! I know you have many places to visit.
Besides, the information here is missing the most important factor that motivates you, sake and beer! Right? (^_-)

Dru said...

I'm sure I can find the sake and beer information on my own. I don't need to go for only the beer and sake. ;)

Merry Witch said...


Yes, it seems Urabandai is great in any season. You can ski in winter and spring, until Golden Week. It's nice and cool in summer. In autumn, mountains look gorgeous in autumn leaves. And Aizu nearby has many histories and historical sites.

I hope I can visit there again soon. But I don't know when. In November, and again in December, I have to visit Matsuyama...