Oct 29, 2012

こたつ Kotatsu


The season is changing quickly.
Last month, I still was complaining about the hot weather.
Then, it became cooler and cooler.


My neighbor's persimmons are turning bright orange, though its leaves are still green.


This weekend, it was drizzling and quite cold.
So, I decided to prepare our kotatsu.

I don't know if you know what kotatsu is.
It's a low table covered by futon.  Underneath the table top, there is an electric heater.  So, it's very, very warm inside. 


And for me, no kotatsu is complete without mikan (Japanese tangerines) on the table. \(^o^)/


But these were a little too early.


In our tatami room, we have another kind of kotatsu, too.
It is called hori-gotatsu.

When you remove one tatami, there is a pit, which can be heated with electricity.  We use it with, or without futon.


It's funny, because once kotatsu is ready, you can't do without it.  
It's not that cold today, but here I am, sitting at kotatsu, sipping my coffee and feeling happy.
Kotatsu warms not only your feet, but also your heart!
(The only problem is that you tend to get lazy because it feels so good. ^_^;)

Happy autumn!

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Rurousha said...

I have a very serious problem with kotatsu: once I'm under that blanket, I don't want to move.

Do you maybe have a cat? Cats LOVE kotatsu!


PS: I don't have a kotatsu in Tokyo, but it's a survival mechanism in Niigata's snow country.

Merry Witch said...

I didn't use kotatsu in our living room for a long time. But after that great earthquake, to save energy, I dug out my old kotatsu and set it in our living room. And I loved it!
It is so warm!

But I agree. I get very lazy. I don't want to move!

I don't have a cat. If I do, there will be a war between me and the cat under the blanket.(^_-)

Anonymous said...

Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

Merry Witch said...

Thank you for leaving a comment(^o^)

I sometimes write about Japanese daily life. I hope you find it interesting, too.