Oct 4, 2012

東京駅丸の内駅舎 Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building


I went to see the newly refurbished Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building.

Beautiful, isn't it?


Please compare these two pictures.

9月 September

10月 October

So many people were taking pictures!


This building was built in 1914, but was badly damaged during WWⅡ.
I am happy that it is restored to its original design and hope it will stand there gracefully forever.


The Imperial Palace area is straight ahead of the station.
They have this nice, wide walkway.


I saw these beautiful flowers.


Soft, elegant cosmos and kochia.
We call kochia Hoki-gusa(broom grass) and one of my friend is very good at making a broom out of it.

Finally, autumn has come! \(^o^)/

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Rurousha said...

I won't get a chance to visit the station till much later this year - just too busy at work - so I really enjoyed a virtual visit in your photos! ^^

That avenue towards the palace will be magnificent in late autumn when the ginkgo trees turn yellow! :)

PS: Ooo, and this year's Marunouchi Lightopia might be extra beautiful thanks to the station.

Merry Witch said...

I've never been to Marunouchi Lightopia. I'm always afraid of big crowd.(>_<)
But it will be very beautiful.

I could smell ginkgoes. Though it is not a nice smell, I still enjoy crispy cold air, the smell, and yellow leaves in autumn. It's almost there!

So you are busy at work? When you visit Tokyo station, I hope it will be less crowded.

Rurousha said...

I think maybe Tokyo Station will be like Tokyo Sky Tree: always crowded. :(

Lightopia is OK. It has crowds, but because it's spread across quite a big area (all of Marunouchi), it doesn't get TOO claustrophobic. So far I've survived every year without a panic attack.

The secret is to go fairly late at night, when the crowds have thinned out. Just dress very warmly! ^^

Merry Witch said...

Then, I might go and see Lightopia.(^^)

It will be wonderful to stay at the Tokyo Station Hotel around that time. But it will be very, very expensive. Sigh...

Minoru Saito said...

こんばんは。 ホウキグサが綺麗ですね。東京駅は素通りしてまだ見ていません。 
 そのうちに見に行きたいです。 秋が来たら冬も一緒に来た様ですね。

Merry Witch said...