Aug 8, 2013

63景 八つ見のはし View 63 Yatsumi Bridge, or Bridge with Eight-Bridge View


I like this willow tree.  Though its trunk is crooked, its long drooping leaves look so green, and elegant.
Swallows in the air, boats on the water, it's a beautiful summer day.


In the middle distance stretches the vast Edo Castle, and beyond it soars the big Mt. Fuji. 


This is a view from Ichikoku Bridge.  But the bridge itself is only shown by the tip of the railing.  (Two round things are umbrellas.)


Roughly put, Ichikoku Bridge was where two rivers crisscrossed.

Let me show you the old map of the area.


I double-circled Ichikoku Bridge. 
 In front of it lies the Outer Moat of the Edo Castle.
Dosan Moat merges in.  
The flow going down is called Nihonbashi River, which eventually flows into the Sumida River.


Please look at Hiroshige's print again.


Dosan Moat is merging into the Outer Moat.
We can see Zenikame Bridge and Dosan Bridge.


Ichikoku Bridge was sometimes called Yatsumi Bridge, the title of this print, because you could see eight bridges from here (including itself).

On the map above, you can count six (I circled them).
The other two are Edobashi Bridge (under the Nihonbashi Bridge) and Kaji Bridge (to the left of Gofuku Bridge).


Phew!  Sorry, too much explanation!


Now, let's go and see what happened to those eight bridges!

① 一石橋  Ichikoku Bridge

This is a stone post from the time of Edo.  They pasted notices of lost children here.

② 常盤橋  Tokiwa Bridge

Ichikoku Bridge seen from Tokiwa Bridge
As is often the case, highway runs above.


But I found there are two Tokiwa Bridges.
Below is the old, out-of-use Tokiwa Bridge. 
As in the map above, the old Tokiwa Bridge had the Gate.  

昔の常盤橋   dangerous looking, old Tokiwa Bridge

 石垣が残っていました。 There still were the old stone walls.

③ 日本橋  Nihonbashi Bridge 
1景をご参照ください。  I wrote about it in  View 1.

④ 江戸橋   Edobashi Bridge

日本橋から見た江戸橋。 43景をご参照ください。
Edobashi Bridge seen from Nihonbashi Bridge.
I wrote about it in View 43.


But then, here comes the problem.
The Outer Moat and Dosan Moat are now filled in, and no longer exist.

⑤ 呉服橋   Gofuku Bridge

交差点の名前に残っています。  Just remains as the name of the intersection,

それと案内板がありました。  and the signboard.

⑥ 鍛冶橋   Kaji Bridge

やっぱり交差点の名前  Just remains as the name of the intersection,

それと案内板   and the signboard.

⑦ 道三橋   Dosan Bridge

高いビルの間に案内板を発見。  Just the signboard stands between tall buildings. 

⑧ 銭瓶橋   Zenikame Bridge

何にも見つけられませんでした。 (T_T)

I couldn't find anything.  (T_T)


I went back to Ichikoku Bridge.
In the time of Edo, they could see eight bridges from here.

This is the view toward Nihonbashi Bridge.

No Nihonbashi Bridge or Edobashi Bridge. All I could see was highway.

This is the view toward Dosan Moat.

No moat, no bridges.  Just the highway above.


But when I looked toward the Tokiwa Bridge, I felt some possibilities.
So, this time, I decided to cheat (again). 


It's a mirror image of Hiroshige's print. (^_-)-☆


By the way, did you notice the green rectangle on the map above?
That's Kinza, Tokugawa Shogunate's officially sanctioned gold monopoly.
I had to grin when I found out what it is now.

日本銀行です!   Bank of Japan \(^o^)/


It's so interesting!

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Minoru Saito said...

 常盤御門は下が皿だと割れるので縁起が悪いのでと 盤の皿の所を石に書き改められていました。

Merry Witch said...





Rurousha said...

Ooo, excellent detective work!

Not too much explanation at all; as a matter of fact, don't stop, keep going! That photo/place where you cheated (grin), is that Tokiwabashi in the background?

I can feel my feet itching. Walkpedition! :D

Merry Witch said...


Yes,that bridge in the background is Tokiwabashi. So, I was looking at the different direction this time, again.(^_-)

The temperature is so high these days! Are you going for walkpedition? You are such a tough woman!

Dru said...

As Ru said, don't stop explaining.

I think I have been to all of those bridges, even the non-bridges. I walked over the original Tokiwa bridge. It was before it was closed to everyone. I wonder what they'll do with it.

I also saw that stone before, and have a picture of it. I thought it was fenced off. Maybe I was at a different stone? I think there is only one stone like that along the Nihonbashi river area...

Thanks for the walk through Nihonbashi/Otemachi. :)

Merry Witch said...

Did you walk over that original Tokiwa bridge?? I was there before, about two years ago, I think. And it was closed. I thought it was closed long, long time ago, but maybe not. Maybe after the Earthquake?

You are right about that stone. I have seen a picture of it with a green fence. But it's gone now. It looks nicer without the fence. (^^)

Dru said...

Yes I did. It was in 2010. Soon after, they did close it. Seems you missed it by 1 year. :(

I think I'll have to revisit that stone again. Thanks for the tip.

Merry Witch said...

I missed it by 1 year?  ((+_+))

If you walk around the area, and find any trace of Zenikame Bridge, you will be the hero! Please let me know.

Dru said...

Well, I almost missed it by a few weeks. I remember going back there a few weeks later and it was closed. I must be very lucky.

As for Zenikame Bridge, is this it:

I think I know where it is from the pictures. Probably near the Communications Museum and the Sankei Building. I might have time to check it out on Thursday.

Merry Witch said...

Sorry I couldn't reply sooner. I was back in Matsuyama, again.

You are the hero!!
That IS Zenikamebashi Bridge! I walked around the area, but missed that signboard. (>_<)

Thank you for finding it out.

Dru said...

Glad to help. I tried to find it but I was on the wrong side of the tracks last week and had no time to really look. I did find the Dosan bridge board. It made me smile on my way to teach a lesson. ^^

Merry Witch said...

Did you see that Dosan bridge board? That's fun to know you too were there.(^^)

How could I miss Zenikame bridge board if it was right by the big road?? ((+_+))

cquek said...

that is interesting topic

Merry Witch said...

Thank you.(^^)
It's fun to see Tokyo from a different point of view.

sijomii said...

Your blog is a well written joy for anyone interested in Japan, art and history. As others have said - more please!

As a side note, you may already have seen this, but if not it may be of use in your explorations of Tokyo

Merry Witch said...

Thank you very much for your comment.
I'm glad to hear that someone is enjoying this writing. Thank you!

The site you taught me is very interesting. I didn't know about it, but I'll be using it often. (^^)